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Content marketing allows brands to frame their product and service as the solution to the problem that their customers are having. Typically when marketing efforts like SEO & Paid Ads fail (given that design isn't terrible) that's a sign that content marketing is required to generate demand and nurture leads. Content marketing helps businesses control the story around their offerings, while building trust without being intrusive. (as an ad might feel)
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These are all classic stories that conjure a mental script in a just a few words. We take pride in generating that same level of emotional recall in your customers. Our secret is that we build content marketing campaigns that make your customers feel like heroes. By the time we’re done your customers root for you to win. This foundation of trust is exactly why content can increase engagement, conversions, & finally revenue.
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Our insights into user psychology, and captivating design means that we can consistently provide results. We exist specifically because we our proven methodologies have consistently created positive results for our clients.
Our Passion

We are driven to succeed

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  • Audience Research & Buyers Journey

    The single biggest factor that determines success in any content marketing effort is understanding the key motivators in the lives of your customers. We gave up on the process of creating imaginary Ian “personas” and tacking cute pictures on the walls a long time ago. Instead we look at real user interaction data on your site and use as much real info as the market and your sales team can provide to generate a content marketing strategy that works. Luckily we also have a many tactics in our toolbox for finding the competitions most popular content pieces as well.

  • Analytics & Engagement Audit

    There is already a wealth of information on your customers on your site. We dig into your analytics account to figure out what customers interact with most on the buyers journey. From there we create content based off of what has worked in the past and in your industry. This gives us the power to influence the buying process before customers even think to engage with your sales team. If you have CRM data that’s even better. Our central thesis is that a solid understanding of the market (i.e. what content works in your space) and how customers actually buy creates the greatest potential for growth.

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  • Competitor Analysis

    An under appreciated part of any good marketing strategy is studying and understanding what the best of the best are doing. We believe that a solid SEO team should constantly be testing, tweaking strategies according with what’s working, dropping what’s not, and paying attention to best practices across the board. We also like to dig in and actually analyze what you’re key competitors are up to at any given time.

  • Brainstorming

    The brainstorming stage of our work is where things get really fun, we have a solid foundation of data on your customers, now we can turn that into magic. We take off our lab coats and ditch the spreadsheets. Over the years we’ve developed an unparalleled process for bouncing ideas off each other until we’re black and blue. The end results of our process is a stable full of wild ideas and novel combinations of Nobel worthy content that’s never been seen before while still having a data backed key to success.

  • Promotion

    Getting in front of our audience doesn't just happen. Our outreach strategy means that every piece of content we produce will have the greatest likelihood for success.

  • Editing

    Nothing we do exists in a vacuum. We go the extra mile to make sure that you approve of our work before it goes live. We always send over content for final approval and make any additional tweaks you’d like before going live.

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  • Gap Analysis

    One of the key tactics for any solid content strategy is a thorough understanding of what holes you have in your current conversion funnel for buyers, and the gaps where competitors might be filling your customers in. Our goal is to understand the limitations of our current content strategy and everyone else’s so that we can bridge the gap in users minds and control the buying decision.

  • Writing

    You’d think anyone that offers content marketing would have this component down, but the fact is that most content marketing campaigns fail right here. We strive to fill the gap between SEO ready content that’ll rank well over time and a reading style your clients will love.

  • Design

    Let’s face it, attention spans are at an all time low. One of the things that really sets us apart is our ability to design and use imagery and customized diagrams to grab the attention of your customers. This improves overall engagement, increases the chances of customers sharing, and improves ranking performance over time.

  • Keyword Research

    If we build it, they won't come. Keyword research ensures that our brilliant ideas are actually anchored in practical questions your users have and topics they search for. This means that your content is guaranteed to generate significantly more traffic.

  • [/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row type_row=”faq” ses_title=”Consistency is Key” ses_title_2=”Our Content Work Process” ses_subtitle=”Every market & site is different, but below are the common components of our content marketing process. We try as hard as we can to explicitly explain everything we’re doing and going to do for your site. (which is why we include monthly reporting) While there’s no set protocol for every site, we have a playlist that always works. ” ses_image=”10″ ses_image2=”27″ el_id=”process”][vc_column width=”1/3″]
  • Step 1: Preliminary Research

    Once we get started we undertake a deep analysis of your company’s previous efforts, your customers, and the competition out there. Launching any content marketing strategy is dependent on balancing business goals, current market conditions, and an understanding of your customers. We integrate ourselves into your market and create a plan that will help you succeed.

  • Step 2: Business Discussion

    Our first “official” chat give us an opportunity to get to know you and your needs. This is your chance to tell us about your business challenges and what you want to see out of our work. We start to bring our thoughts to the table given what we’ve seen from the competition and tailor a plan to your business needs.

  • Step 3: Strategy Creation

    The marriage of our marketing understanding and your expertise is the creation of a clear strategy for growth. We’ll clearly discuss all our finding with you and use our data to finalize a plan that you can stand behind. We typically create 12 month content plans so you have your pick of topics and we can quickly pivot as new product areas get introduced.

  • Step 4: Execution

    The buck stops with us. We do what we say we’re going to do, and do what we can to keep you in the loop as we proceed. Better still, we’re always available by email or for a quick call. We bring in the best writers and designers for your industry to achieve a blend of content that will suit your needs. Once we publish we carefully monitor your content to ensure that it’s a hit with your consumers.

  • Step 5: Analyze & Report

    You can expect the same gusto from us in month 15 that you got from us on day one. We’re firm believers in the customer is always right. If you don’t feel like we’re winning for you, then we’re not happy. You can expect monthly reporting from us, & a clear map of what we’ve done and where we’re going. Since we’re constantly iterating on the work we’re doing you can expect the work to just get better and better.

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  • 1) I’ve heard content takes time, how fast can you get results?

    The speed at which content marketing can take effect depends largely on your business. Generally 2-6 months in effective window to begin appreciating the improvements. Some of the factors involving how long our work takes to effect revenue are 1) how many readers do you currently have 2) what kind of content has been produced in the past and 3) how well known is your brand? The biggest challenge is that the people who most need content marketing, will likely take longer to get results. That is a big part of why we bake social amplification into our content. This gives us valuable feedback on the content we’re producing and ensures it gets in front of customers.An even more important factor is the actual strategy we end up taking. If you elect to have us help with sales focused material our work will largely depend on the length of your actual buying cycle and where potential customers currently are. If we take a strategy more based in growing your reputation and making customers and clients sales ready than our work will largely depend on where your site currently stands in the market and how search engines view it.

  • 2) Why Are you guys so cheap?

    If you’ve been working with traditional vendors, big names, or anyone who’s been in the business for a long time, you may be surprised by how low are prices are. The fact is that we know we’re a young company. For the CMO, middle manager, business owner, or head of sales that knows you need more inbound leads, we understand your taking a gamble by not buying generic. We know we’re pricing our services 50-80% cheaper than you’d be getting at a traditional organization. We’re fine with it because we want massive growth and a happy customer base.

  • 3) Why are you guys so expensive?

    On the other side of the coin, we know for the average business marketing may be the largest non-material expense you make. Better yet, we know how harrowing it is to roll the dice when you need to win Don’t worry, we live to win. At the end of the day it all depends on your business and needs. I tell people all the time, if you need to put food on the plate next month, then just go with paid ads, if you’re willing to make an investment in your future and have time to watch that compound, SEO is the way to go.

  • 4) What goes into promotion?

    Early on we dive into understanding your particular market. This helps us understand what your customers want to see, and what they’re reading. Once we actually have content to produce we’ve already started to create relationships with these customers, and that then gives us an avenue to share and promote your content.

  • 5) What goes into content production?

    A blog post is not a blog post worth having unless it’s incredible. We have an internal checklist we’ve used thousands of times to get our customers millions of visits and social shares. Many companies out there will sell you blog posts, which are really just sub-par blurbs written by foreign writers. 500 words is not going to cut it in 2017. In fact you need closer to 1200-2000 to even have hopes of making a dent in rankings. Additionally our posts are engaging, feature great imagery, and are always better than everything else on the market. Better yet if you elect for our Professional package we’ll actually promote your content across the web and relevant communities, which will almost guarantee consistent traffic. We take massive pride in our content marketing efforts. We dissect your market, read what’s been written before, and create content that your customers will actually enjoy reading.

  • 6) What all goes into your content marketing packages?

    Our overall content marketing process best outlines our work. But we can guarantee we take nothing off the table. We always roll our sleeves up and get dirty in the trenches. The biggest benefit of working with us is that it’s like hiring your own internal strategist, writer, editor, designer, and PR person, without the hassle of managing (and paying) all those people.

  • 7) What if I don’t like a post you’ve created?

    One of the best thing about working with a company like ours is that we’re always willing to go the extra mile. While we have an editing phase in all our work, we’re always willing to keep retooling something until it’s perfect.

  • 8) What if I don’t get the results I’m hoping for?

    In the rare occasion content doesn’t impact your sites’s performance we make sure cancellation is easy. We create three month contracts to start at a minimum, and after that it’s month to month. And believe me cancellation is as easy as it should be…(not like we’re a cable internet company or anything)

  • 9) How do you report on results?

    We primarily use Google Analytics to understand your site and our results. We basically use the previous months before we got started as a benchmark for progress. While every business has a degree of seasonality we’re confident we can increase traffic and rankings for most businesses no matter what the season. We also look at secondary metrics like time on page and other engagement factors to monitor our overall success (or failure). For the most part the goal of the reports is to help you understand what we’re working on, going to work on, and give you a fair assessment of our work quality.

  • 10) Do I get to keep what you do? Will my links & rankings stay?

    Absolutely, when we say the customer comes first we absolutely mean it. A big reason we started Web Upon because we hated to see all the scammers and hucksters out there. We always do what we can to help build your business, and if you’re not happy with our results we have no hard feeling about parting ways.

  • 11) Who writes the content?

    A big part of our success is quality craftsmanship. We try to do as much writing as we can in-house or find people within the USA that understand your market. If your field is extremely technical we usually reach out to technical writers in your field who are versed in it.

  • 12) I have my own writers, can they write the content and then you guys promote?

    This is probably the only place where we’re less than accommodating. While we offer a la carte social ad, SEO, and social media management packages, but we’ve consistently had poor experiences with internal teams. The content just doesn’t meet our standards, and keeps us from achieving results. Which makes other efforts look bad. If we can help you on a content strategy, or “renovate” a post we’re willing to work with you. But very rarely are pieces worth promoting as they stand. (no offense) That said if your topic is highly technical that’s actually a common problem we face. Working directly with experts is actually part of our process, so we can discuss the process further.

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